• Taylor Leverett

It's ALL about the MESS UPS!

As a photographer, I pride myself in making the BEST photo every time I shoot but, sometimes ideas that I may have don't translate well in front the camera. If you're like me, the worst feeling there is is to have a grandiose idea but when you're in studio, or wherever you may shoot, you just can't fit the last piece to the puzzle.

It's frustrating! but...guess what???....IT'S NORMAL!

As artists, we have to realize that sometimes our best work isn't always the photo that had the perfect composition, lighting, etc. It's those mess up images that really hone in our message and truly translates what we're trying to say to the viewer. *FUN FACT* Dorothea Lange's most iconic image of The Migrant Woman was actually a shot she too off a whim. She wasn't even going to give that image to be used in the paper with the FSA. So, if Lange can have infamous mess up shots, so can we!

I wanted to share an image that I would consider a "mess up" but, surprisingly it is one that has gotten the most likes and re-tweets from my social media. SHOCKING! Remember, life hits you fast so go easy on those mess up won't regret it.



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